Exit is a project within the non-profit organization Fryshuset. Our aim is to help and provide support to those who wish to leave a nationalistic/racist/nazi oriented groups and movements.

What we do

We provide hands-on support for persons wanting to leave a neo nazi or racist environment by cooperating with various housing corporations, the police, social services, legal system and also with the client’s own family and friends. The support that Exit offer is naturally always depending on our client’s individual wishes and needs.

We aim to prevent recruitment to such groups. The preventative work is mainly focused on information towards and dialog with Swedish schools and governmental authorities. We also hope to contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms behind involvement in racist groups. This we do by giving lectures, seminars and workshops on our empirics and other experiences.

We educate and help professionals, organisations and others working with people wanting to leave nationalistic/white power/nazi oriented groups.

Those who leave a neo nazi movement often share similar difficulties. Therefore Exit assist the government, municipalities, schools and other non-profit organisations in understanding our target group’s premises and particular needs so that they may offer the help that is required.

Last but not least, Exit offer counseling to parents, siblings, partners and others that are close to our client.

Where we’re heading

In January 2010 an affiliate project to Exit, called Passus, was launched. Passus’ target group is young gang members with a desire to drop out. The support and help offered by Passus is sprung out of the method developed by Exit and the two projects have now been able to take on a full time, in-house counselor to assist our clients.

At the moment a lot is happening with Exit as a project and we are hoping to be able to expand. One of our aims is to be able to include dropouts from other destructive movements to our target group.

We are currently also involved in two European scholarly studies on right wing extremists and are collaborating with the University of St Andrew’s with the ESYM project. You can read about the project here: http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/intrel/projects/esym/